Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next Week Ethiopia!

What a crazy week we have had. The kids and I were in Casper all week while Clancy attended Key camp. On Tuesday I went to the Library to check my email on one of there computers. I discovered we had received an email from our program director at AWAA and she was letting us know that our children's birth certificates were obtained and all of our paperwork had been submitted to court the previous week! I was so excited that I started crying in the middle of the Natrona County Library, I'm pretty sure the people there thought I was a flake. At the end of the email it stated that we should be hearing on a court date in the next one to two weeks for sometime early to mid July.

Fast forward a couple days to Friday afternoon. We were still in Casper and I noticed that I had missed a call and received a voicemail on my cell phone. I checked the message not really expecting anything exciting and heard the travel coordinator from AWAA on the other end explaining she had some exciting news for our family could I please call her. AAAAGH! I quickly dialed and tried to calmly ask for her only to find out she was unavailable at the moment, I left a message and hung up. Then I called James to tell him, I think we are getting a call for a court date, only he had already spoken to AWAA and had all the wonderful details!

So here's the deal... We "tentatively" have a court date for July 8th! Lord willing a judge in Ethiopia will confirm that date tomorrow and our travel plans will be made official. We are supposed to be in Addis Ababa Ethiopia by the 4th or 5th July, NEXT WEEK! AAAAAAGH! There is so much to do and think about so we are on a roller coaster ride of emotions around our house.

I am including a list of prayer needs we are currently asking for, we truly treasure your prayers through this wonderful, challenging, exciting, scary and God filled leg of our journey!

PRAISE GOD that He is the father to the fatherless.
PRAISE GOD for giving us a July court date!
Our Prayer Needs:
•That the Lord would hide us from the roaming eyes of the enemy and protect us from all evil.
•Our court date of July 8th would be confirmed and we would be able to obtain flights and get to Ethiopia no later than July 5th
•Financial provision for travel and in country expenses.
•For strength and grace to accomplish all that is needed to go to Africa in less than a week.
•That we would have extra time in the word and prayer so we might walk in the strength of the Spirit and honor the Lord through this leg of our adoption journey. We would be filled with the joy of the Lord!
•Travel mercies and safety.
•Health for all 6 of the Rogers.
•That we would all be free from anxiety and filled with peace that passes all understanding.
•The Lords blessing on our “Meetcha Day” that He would create a connection and bond between us and ****** and *******.
•Clancy and Emma would have health and safety while we are away and the Lord would use the time to further prepare their hearts for new siblings. Strength and health for Charles and Cyd as they care for them.
•Unity and clarity of thought for James and Andrea.
•JULY 8th at court all necessary people and paperwork would be present, the Lord would give us words to say and favor in the eyes of the judge. That we would pass court and legally adopt ****** and *******!
•That we would be able to meet our children’s birth family, for mercy and blessing in their life.
•For strength and faith in the Lord as we leave ****** and ******* and return home. That the Lord would use the separation to create a desire in them to be united with us and that He would comfort us during this difficult time.
•Our hearts would be open to the Lords leading and we would shine as a light for Him in Ethiopia.



  1. Rogers Family I am so very excited for you and can not wait to read the details! I will be keeping you in my prayers, as I know what an exciting/anxious time this can be. God bless you and go before you.
    -Terra Bailey

  2. Very exciting news, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Uncle Frank

  3. Thanks for making this list--I just prayed through it & will continue to do so! Praising God right along with you as well for this blessing! Much love & many prayers,
    Jaime & Ken

  4. Fabulous! Makes me cry! Thank you for posting this and allowing all of us out here to be a part of this amazing chapter in your lives. (We also really needed the encouraging reminder right now that waiting does produce the fruit God has prepared!) We're praying for all 6 of you!