Monday, December 7, 2009

To Adopt or not to Adopt that was the question...

Well, here we go. Thanks to my mom I finally got a blog set up and am going to attempt to keep family and friends up to date with happenings in our neck of the woods. Although I have to warn you, don't expect anything too exciting, I did not inherit the "techi" gene from mom. I don't even have a good handle on emailing... maintaining a blog is definitely a reach for me! I will do my best and hopefully keep in better touch this way.

As you may already know our family is preparing to grow by 2! Hence the name Rogers 426, we are a family of four growing into a family of 6. The Lord impressed upon James and I His plan for creating families through adoption. With it came a love for two children in Ethiopia whose faces we long to see.

Our two biological children Clancy and Emma-Grace, are a great joy in our lives and daily remind us of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. I have often heard women say things like "After little ____ was born I knew our family was complete". For me after Emma was born I knew I wouldn't give birth to any more children but wrestled with the feeling that our family was not complete. However the desire to adopt began in me much sooner than that. In fact as soon as I new I wanted to be a mother I was filled with a hope to adopt.

A couple of years after Emma was born the Lord again stirred in my heart the desire to adopt, so I prayed. James knew my heart to grow our family in this way but he wasn't ready to consider adding any more children. We asked the Lord to unite our hearts whichever way He willed. James committed to pray about the possibility of our adopting. A year later James came to me and said, "God has changed my heart completely and filled me with a desire to adopt, and," he added "I think the Lord wants us to adopt 2 children". God is SO amazing! I however was dumbstruck. Waves of fear and excitement flooded my mind, the world of adoption seemed so big and I felt very small...

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